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Monday , May 24 , 2004
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Randomly Updated News Section:

09-21-2003And I am back. After some frustrations with the news update and a summer vacation, "Hole" is back up and running. The author page has been updated and I plan on also updating the links page (or dumping it altogether) and the art page. Stay tuned for more news and such! Later!!

05-16-2003 More News! The Stuff page, which has been an ugly hole for waaaay too long, is now where I'll be putting some of my higher-quality illustrations! I have three new ones in there right now, so go check it out! Later!!

05-06-2003 Special news to all my readers, however many of you are out there! This Monday (5/12) I present to you a WEB EXCLUSIVE STRIP! It was judged "too hot" for the Advance Titan, my college newspaper.
In other news, the school year is coming to an end, which also means Hole In The Wall will go into its annual vacation. BUT don't fret! After the last strip of the year, I will be posting the first annual "Greatest Editorial Toon Shindig 2003!" As some of you may not know, I also do the editorial strips for the Advance Titan and this year I'll be showing them off for the first time. So stay tuned and enjoy! Later!!

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