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weedwack!!Weedwacker girl! - something I did at work when I wasn't busy...
Sailor. . .buzzsaw. . .power!!!Here's just another wacky idea I came up with while not doing anything at work - I should do a comic with her and weedwacker girl. . .
Izumi, Ryoko and HikaruSome Nadesico fan art I did for an anime club in Milwaukee.
VegetaA commissioned pic I did for a friend of mine.
Anime punk!Fan art I did for Animerica Extra (appears in vol4#2) and won a free subscription in their New Year's contest. Go ME!!!
Gun BunnyMs. April 2001. Yowzah!
Fek aff, ya gobshite!!This is Clover from Blue Monday, one of my favorite comics right now. . .
steamy rice, nyo.If you ever want to be totally weirded out, watch Digicharat for a total mind trip! - pictured Digiko-chan, Rabi-en-Rose and Gema-gema.
Tha crewHere's my substitute for a cast page - Mark, the neat one, Squid, the punker, and Claire - supplier of sexual-tension.
Pandora's gonna getcha!This is Pandora, from my latest comic series, Cyberpunk High, which you guys may be seeing soon. She's crazy.
Too much free time...This pic I did on the job at the park I work at during the summer, it took me two days of sporadic work while being punched in - I love that job. It's set in the world of Cyberpunk High, while really having nothing to do with it at all.
Always get plenty of sleep.This is what happens when school girls frolic about nuclear test sites, and giant lizards. I wonder how many high-rises her moon-wand can take out?