the benevolent?

For a lack of a better way to describe the bizarre entity that is Nick, the bitches (us) he enslaved to do his site will proceed to re-claim our vengeance and...

Interview HIM!!!

Aren't we evil? ^_^

Interview, GO KICKY FAST OK!!!!
Cowz: Where do you come from Nick?
Nick: I hail from the frozen lands of Milwaukee, WI. Commonly known as the land of DOOM!!!

Dragoth: How old are you?
Nick: Twenty. Huzzah.

Cowz: Do you have an attractive lady friend? Thought I'd ask...for know...ladies out...yeah.
Nick: Nope! Single but I am hiring!

Dragoth: How long have you been wastin...I MEAN, cartooning? Yeah...
Nick: I have been doing my comic strip since the begining of this year for Advance-Titan, our college newspaper. But I've been DRAWING ever since I can remember.

Cowz: What the f-, err, per se is KaT. Studios?
Nick: KaT Studio is an imaginary studio of mine. It largely consists of wherever I am when I'm drawing in my magic book of sketches. And of course my slave labor (ie. the dorm room next door).

Dragoth: Nick, why are you here? I mean, why the hell did the aliens dump you in Oshkosh? Couldn't they find a little farmer's field or something?
Scully: The truth is out there. With Nick, it's way the f@#& out there.

Cowz: If you had the choice between cartooning at the peak of your ability for the rest of your life or actually finding a woman that could stand you, what would you choose? And no, obviously you can't have both...I mean look at you...Thoughts, theories, excuses?
Nick: (Tries destroying Cowz with his mind, fails) Dammit! Why did you didn't you blow up?
Cowz: I'm coding this, you ass. You can't destroy me. Your website would die. Not like it's not going to anyway. (Dragoth laughs) Your choice?
Nick: (Flips Cowz & Dragoth off & powers up AT field)
Dragoth: Shit! Code Blue! Angel Confirmed!!! We're detecting a high rate of energy output from inside the target!!!!! Take off every 'Zig'!
(Cowz & Dragoth flee. Stop. Saunter back.) Cowz: What are we doing? We're not afraid of Nick. Despite Nick's glowing red eyes and maniacal laughter, he's really not that scary.
Dragoth: Kinda like a big puppy or teddy bear or something.

Dragoth: What were we doing? Oh well. Let's go grab some pizza. Then maybe some Worms 2...
(Nick perks up)
Nick: Pizza? Screw this interview. I'm hungry.